Introduction And Summary Of The Business Plan

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1. Introduction and Summary of the Business Plan I have always wanted to run my own business. I now feel that I have found my calling. I have saved up some money to set it up and am ready to start. This is a company that I really passionate and excited about. The business will be named Carleaner and will be a car and bike wash including repairs and waxes. The reason this service will be unique is that instead of you coming to us we will be specialising in fitting around the busy lifestyle of Londoners and affordable for students, offering a range of equipment and accessories to keep your car clean and fresh. The business will be run by me and my brother to start with and some help from my friends, then hire people after the first 3 months. Both of us have experience in this type of business and a wish start it on our own. It is proposed to start operating from 1st December 2016. I will need a bank loan of £5000 to add to my £2000 that I saved up. This brings my capital up to £7,000. I have carried out research, looked at pricing and marketing for my service and come to the conclusion that it can work. 2. Ownership This will be a sole trader company. How the way this company is going to be set out and how the global markets are changing services such as mine are growing. This means this company after will be a limited trader. 3. Personal I have some experience in how car washing services run due to 2 years of working for my dad’s friends company. It’s where I have

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