Introduction And Technology Evolution Patterns Of Discontinuities ( Monika )

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Introduction and technology evolution-patterns of discontinuities (Monika) Throughout history, the automobile has been thought of as everything from a horseless carriage to a hot rod, and now we 're starting to think of them as smart, connected, and even someday, autonomous ways to get around. Another way to picture the automobile is to think of it as a platform for technology. The evolution of the automobile has represented the potential for remarkable moments among engineers and innovators. The automotive industry is a range of companies, organizations, and institutions that design, develop, manufacture, and sell motor vehicles. It is also one of the most important economic sectors by revenue in the whole world. It began in the 1850s during the Industrial Revolution with the invention of Steam, combustion, and electrical motors. However, at the end of 1990s it was difficult to say which type of engine would power the automobile because the industry went through drastic changes over this period of time. As soon as the automobile industry was introduced the electric car became the most popular form of transportation, however, it had some disadvantages. Since the electric car didn’t have a battery it couldn’t move with much speed or over a long distance. Due to this fact producers were looking for a new way to improve the quality of life and transportation means. Until the first decade of the 20th century the steam-driven automobiles were in production. Price differences

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