Introduction. Apple Is Known For Having Mobile Devices

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Introduction Apple is known for having mobile devices that are virtually un-hackable. Even though they are at the top of their game, they have recently come under attack by the FBI. Apple’s IOS system security is one of the reasons why they are winning the war against all the other competition in this BYOD era. If Apple allows the FBI backdoor access into their mobile devices, this will just inspire hackers more and Apple’s security will be weakened. This paper will look at how Apple’s IOS system security is superior compared to their competitors, and why it’s important for them to stand up to the FBI for the sake of privacy. Apple IOS security is top rated but not bulletproof Apple takes user privacy and security seriously, but according…show more content…
Apple has secure enclave Enclave security is only found in Apple devices. Enclave is a separate computer within Apple mobile devices, whose sole job is to police access to the rest of the device. The devices are so secure that the FBI could not even hack them. The article found in the Computer Fraud & Security magazine (2016) lets us know that the passcode security on the device is so secure that, The FBI is trying to guess – in other words, brute force – the passcode on a locked device. But this is difficult because, after a certain number of failed attempts, iOS imposes delays before it 's possible to try again. These delays quickly become an hour between each attempt. In addition, the device can be set to wipe all data after 10 incorrect guesses. The FBI wants Apple to produce a special version of the phone 's firmware that it can flash onto the device to bypass these features. (p. 3) Apple stuck to their guns and seem to have won this round. FBI vs Apple From day one, when the iPhone first came out, Apple made a promise to their users to never compromise the security of their mobile devices, no matter what the circumstances might be. Apple has kept their word, as it relates to the promises made to their customers, and now find themselves in a tight situation. Curran and Kirby (2016) describe a situation in their article where the FBI asked Apple to “build a backdoor to the iPhone”. (p. 1) Apple refused to comply with the FBI’s request, and received great
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