Introduction. Arab Americans Are Such A Diverse Population

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Arab Americans are such a diverse population of immigrants, who have roots that come from the countries of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and Palestine just to name a few. Arab American immigrants started to arrive in the United States during the late 19th century. The Arab American population since then has grown to be one of the biggest growing racial groups, next to Asian Americans.

The Influence of Social Change and Advocacy
A vast majority of Arab Americans were born within the United States, due to their elders, great grandparents, parents, etc. settling into the United States. Every country of origin that the subgroup hails from has their own history, culture, language, religious beliefs, and demographic traits.
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Today the number is still growing at a alarming rate, due to wars, terrorism, and chaos that is happening within these countries are causing people to flee in pursuit of better lives for their families. Many pregnant Arab immigrant women are among those fleeing their country of origin, and a lot of them are so close to giving birth, and by the time they arrive on the United States soil, most of them being refugees, end up having babies born within the United States that become Arab Americans.

One major social problem that Arab Americans face today, is racism and having been labeled as terrorist. In fact the treatment against Arab Americans is very violent and cruel compared to past decades before. Various reports have inquired that after the 9/11 attack on New York, and other attacks that have happened around the world, people have since then viewed Arab Americans as a different type of people, there are harsh feelings that they don’t belong in the United States, because they are dishonest people, nomads, and users. (The Atlantic, 2016). Although
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