Introduction. As A Registered Nurse, Working In A Highly

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As a Registered Nurse, working in a highly stressed environment like Critical Care Unit (CCU), it is essential to provide an exceptional patient care. Often a Critical Care patient is hemodynamically unstable, which makes them vulnerable to not only the disease process but also to the care that is being provided. An exceptional patient care can expedite a healthy recovery; restore strength and stability of a patient. In order to give an appropriate, well-balanced patient care, a Registered Nurse must focus on Patient and Family Centered care.

One of the Quality and Safety Education of Nurses (QSEN) competency is patient care that, “recognize the patient or designee as the source of control and full partner in providing
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A knowledgeable nurse understands the needs of a patient and designee and incorporates it in patient care. It is important to gain knowledge regarding a patient’s health care preferences, limitations, and cultural, spiritual and ethical values. This form of knowledge can be achieved by an admission assessment and simple communication that can build into a trusted patient and nurse rapport. Furthermore, a nurse must keep in mind that not all patient have the same form of communication. Due to certain barriers related to health and disability, a nurse must quickly adapt to a new form of communication and rely on a patient’s trusted support system such as a designee or a family.

Moreover, a patient makes health related choices due to certain cultural and religious beliefs. It is essential to know what these beliefs are in order to provide care for this patient. For an example, a patient with the religious beliefs of Jehovah 's Witness will not consent for blood transfusion. Therefore, if a nurse did not communicate properly and transfused blood to this patient, it will further on become a legal issue. A proper knowledge regarding this patient’s personal belief would have prevented this cause. It is important to be knowledgeable in what the patient desires and does not want to consent in their care. A lack of knowledge in knowing patient’s values can
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