Introduction. As An Introduction To Our Portfolio I Will

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Introduction As an introduction to our portfolio I will illustrate how the company where I work has issues. There are issues with Gender Bias, Diversity, Stress and Work-Life Balance. I have worked for the company for nearly 23 years and within my department for nearly 20 years. I am a woman and my supervisor was a woman, one of very few women supervisors in the company, ever, and the last in my department. When she retired I took over in her stead doing both the tasks encompassed in her job description and the tasks which already fell to me. There was no promotion for me to the level she had held. I was not even offered a first level foreperson position, one level under where my supervisor had been. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an upset…show more content…
Healthy workplace practices have been found to reduce work stress, promote higher performance, create better teams and initiate involvement which supports both the organization and the human capital. Do You Have Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment? The goal for any business or organization should be to see that their employees feel their needs are met. This leads to job satisfaction and ownership of their responsibilities. Organizations which do this have a workforce with fewer absences, less tardiness; performance at higher levels, and fewer turnovers. In short, the organization gains accountability, commitment and loyalty. The contrast to this approach and the negative returns thereof are very costly. Studies theorize that job satisfaction is only part of the equation, since employees spend only half of their waking hours at work, the other half involves aspects of life that include family, friends, volunteer work, geological area, hobbies etc., (work-life balance), employees that are satisfied with their jobs tend to be satisfied with their personal lives. Our textbook, on page 362, goes into some detail as to how a person’s core self-evaluations affect both their work and their lives in general. Though somewhat criticized and controversial one might contend, people who are happy in life tend to be happy in their jobs and vice versa (Aamodt, 2015, pg.362). Improving My, or any, Workplace In my

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