Introduction. As Various Operational Concepts Are Discovered

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Introduction As various operational concepts are discovered in their application to organizations, the discovery also lends credence that these concepts can work in accordance with each other, simultaneously, or in synthesis with processes or procedures at a multitude of stages. While many of these concepts are borne out of the manufacturing sector, the concepts in this research are applied to the service sector, or more specifically, a healthcare organization. Most of the function and form of a healthcare organization is service-based, but a medical center gravitates at times to a production organization in a broader sense. An illness, injury, or debilitation, can be improved, corrected, or made new, through some of the same…show more content…
CMC is located about 10 miles west of the vacation and retirement area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, resulting in a patient mix of many retired individuals, vacationers, and locals who are primarily employed in service industries around the area. CMC is a Level III Trauma Center and a certified Stroke Center that is supported by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). CMC has chosen a higher standard of accreditation adhering to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 which has only been attained by two healthcare facilities in South Carolina. CMC offers the largest rehabilitation and physical therapy services in the area with a cardiac rehabilitation program, general and vascular surgery, spine surgery, and a regional award winning wound care center with a joint replacement program that has earned healthcare’s highest honors. Personal employment with the CMC organization involves managing outpatient imaging operations involving 2 high-speed 16-slice CT scanners, one 64-slice scanner, PET scanning, MRI scanning, digital mammography including 3-D tomosynthesis, Ultrasound, 3-D cardiac imaging, and digital radiography/fluoroscopy. Value is added to our patient experience in the outpatient diagnostic imaging center, which is offered by CMC as a stand-alone imaging center that houses most of the aforementioned modalities. This center is available to patients to easily get into their appointment and back out to their activities with
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