Introduction. As We All Know, Our Company, Abc Hospital,

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Introduction As we all know, our company, ABC Hospital, is currently experiencing a crisis. Our EMR vendor failed to comply with meaningful use attestation and is undergoing financial hardships. The recent turn of events can greatly affect our Hospital 's revenue and reputation. With careful evaluation and thought, ABC Hospital has decided to proactively replace our EMR vendor as a contingency effort and to prevent future problems that may arise. Unfortunately, we are still recuperating from the large investment on the previous EMR. Therefore, our goal is to discover a replacement system that support the functions that we need but economically reasonable within our resources. Recently, health information technology has also turned to…show more content…
Other benefits of cloud-based EMR include scalability, availability, reliability, and interoperability (Cloud Standards Customer Council, 2012). One of the great things about cloud-based EMR is its ability to expand or curtail computational resources as per demand (Cloud Standards Customer Council, 2012). With an EMR, it is important to have servers or storage that is able to support the growth of the health care organization including the increasing number of patients or the big data in healthcare. The cloud-based EMR can also support the mobile workflow of our healthcare professionals, which may allow them to access the system anytime, anywhere and on any device (desktop computer, laptops, tablets or smartphones). Furthermore, reliability is ensured by leveraging cloud-based application delivery platforms that constitutes multiple servers and networks to ensure continued and efficient service (HIMSS, 2016). According to the survey by the Black Book Rankings conducted among small or solo physician practice in 2015, physicians gave high satisfaction ratings to cloud-based EMRs (Brown, n.d.). Also, the Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (2014) reported that cloud use is highly associated with company growth. Dell (2014) attributes the company growth to the increased efficiency in the workflow experienced by the cloud users. Security and privacy are the
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