Introduction. Cahn And Abigail (2014) Define Negotiation

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INTRODUCTION Cahn and Abigail (2014) define negotiation as “a particular type of conflict management—one characterized by an exchange of proposals and counter proposals as a means of reaching a satisfactory settlement” (p. 229). Negotiation is a fact of life. Subsequently, we spend a substantial amount of time negotiating for something every day. The fact of the matter is that life is full of conflict situations. Whether in our personal or professional lives and whether or not we are aware of it, we are often engaged in conflict situations that require tapping into our conflict negotiation skills. From deciding what movie to see, where to eat, to asking one’s boss for a raise, we are all engaged in some type of negotiation. These real-life…show more content…
These were all minor conflicts and as naïve as it may sound I never considered that I was actually engaged in negotiations. In my professional life, the negotiations involved requesting for vacation time, asking for a raise, and asking for time off. In my previous negotiations, I was more successful with the negotiations that involved my personal life as opposed to my professional life. It was easier to negotiate with others that I had close personal relationships with. Negotiating with my boss was much harder given that he had power, given that he had influence over me and being dependent on him only increased this power (Module 2.1 Lecture). When others initiated negotiations with me I found that I tended to agree and compromise too soon, and the other party getting the better end of the deal. NEGOTIATION SIMULATIONS The Stitt Feld Handy negotiation simulations were fairly easy for the most part. They challenge your thinking, at times a little frustrating, and some aspects were more challenging than others. Case in point, Module 1: The Print Shop proved to be a bit challenging, given that it was the first module and I wasn’t as versed in negotiations as I would have liked. This simulation required that I sell off 30 antique prints by negotiating the best deal. It was a bit frustrating and it took quite a few tries to negotiate the best possible deal.
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