Introduction. Civic Relationships Are A Very Crucial Issue

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Introduction Civic relationships are a very crucial issue in the present world because of the dynamism of the society and the factors of environment. The argument is how different groups in the diverse society or particularly in the workplace relate and do collaboration with each other in order to make sure that they create an environment where the main objectives of an organization are achieved in an ethical manner. Until the late 17th century, Aristotle’s philosophical approach dominated the focus of relationships in the society (Natali &Carlo, 2009). His main contribution was on the virtues, happiness, deliberation, justice and happiness. Aristotle’s ideas on civic relationships Aristotle gives the definition of happiness which he…show more content…
If someone portrays some arrogance, it is because politeness lacks in them (Natali &Carlo, 2009). This is because the opposite of something lies on its positive or negative characteristics. For him, justice associated characteristics are vague and that characteristics of injustice are both inward as well as outward. The aim of justice is to ensure that there is proportional exchange in every transaction. According to his view, Aristotle defined human beings as social creatures. It is a natural thing for people to surround themselves with the others who are friends. It is the aim of every human being to expand the network of their friends and this is a very significant part of human existence. For one to try to live without friends is going against the natural laws and this is even nearly impossible. He viewed friendship in a wider perspective rather than just an intimate union. It is more of a mutual kindness between two people devoid of sexual love or family ties. The only reason why people become friends is because they are useful to each other (Natali &Carlo, 2009). Friendship founded on the basis of mutual respect, love and virtues is a foundation for strong relationships. Aristotle concludes by stating that morals ought not to be basis of friendship because people definition of morals differ. In terms of deliberation, Aristotle states that it is out of free will that people become responsible
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