Introduction. Civil Engineering Is A Professional Engineering

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Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design of the physical and naturally built environment. One aspect of civil engineering is water resource engineering. Water resource engineering is a specific kind of civil engineering that involves the design of new systems and equipment that help manage the human water resources. In simpler terms water resources engineering is concerned with the collection and management of water. It particularly concerns the quality and quantity of water being managed in both underground and above resources. Since ancient times we civil engineers have been refining and expanding the concept of this aspect of water resources engineering. About 70% of the
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The dams built for irrigation are often diversion dams, which are usually constructed to stop the natural course of the river for sending the water to a different place of need. To control flooding in certain areas, detention dams are constructed to either stop or slow the flow of the water in a river or stream. These dams have been constructed worldwide for drinking water, flood control, drinking water, hydropower, irrigation, navigation, and water storage. Structures such as towers or bridges do not even experience a fraction of the forces acting on that of a dam holding back the flow of a river or a lake. There are numerous factors one must consider before the construction of a dam. The basic concept that one must understand before the construction of a dam, are the forces that act on a dam. There are tremendous forces acting on the material used in the construction of the dam. For example, concrete is an essential material for the construction of a dam and factors such as its compressive strength must be considered when a huge mass of water acts on it. Furthermore, to construct any dam, engineers must consult a variety of criteria. For example, flowing water tends to erode everything eventually no matter the material whether it be soil or the concrete used to construct the dam. Civil engineers who specialize in water resource engineering are tasked with designing a dam that can
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