Introduction. Crime Analysis Is The Breaking Up Of Acts

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INTRODUCTION Crime analysis is the breaking up of acts committed in violation of laws into their parts to find out their nature and reporting ,some analysis. the role of the crime analysts varies from agency to agency. Statement of these findings is the objective of most crime analysis to find meaningful information in vast amounts of data and disseminate this information to officers and investigators in the field to assist in their efforts to apprehend criminals and suppress criminal activity. CRIME ANALYSIS: The qualitative and quantitative study of crime and law enforcement information in combination with socio-demographic and spatial factors to apprehend criminals, prevent crime, reduce disorder and evaluate organizational…show more content…
 Profiling: Criminal profiling works on the principal that each and every criminal- regardless of the level or severity of their crime-will work to a certain set of values. These values –or signature-are as individual as your own handwritten signature and once identified can be used to help law enforcement make a positive identification.  Statistical analysis: statistical analysis study will be applied on the crime rate to find out whether the factors/variables which we have taken are certainly related or not.  Spatial analysis: it is a set of techniques for analysing spatial data. The results of spatial analysis are dependent on the locations of the objects being analysed. Software that implements spatial analysis techniques requires access to both the locations of objects and their attributes. Each of the above techniques has its own advantages and drawbacks and can be used in specific cases. OBJECTIVE 1: Police command staff are not analyst so it will provide the use full information for example crime nature, crime patterns and crime prevention process. 2: To explore and choose among the data mining software that supports the association and clustering data mining techniques to experiment with crime records. 3: To Test the performance of the model. 4: To Analyse the result of model and check the result how strong the model in detecting crime data patterns. 5: To Compare the association and clustering data
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