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D. A. Carson is research professor and teaches New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has written nearly fifty books on an extensive range of topics. His Christ and Culture Revisited is a revisit of H. Richard Niebuhr 's five models for seeing the relationship between Christ and culture. The book is also a revisit of the broader question of Christ and culture in general, and how it has dramatically changed from Niebuhr 's day.
It changed primarily for three reasons: (a) the Church as it is today confronts, and, as a result of progressions in communication, knows itself to be confronting, not a single culture (Western, say), but very different cultures across the globe; (b) our contemporary, heightened
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His work, for good or ill, has shaped much of the discussion" (xi). Even though this is true and we use Niebuhr’s writing to understand the discussion, says Carson, it still has its flaws. It’s five options—(1) Christ against Culture, (2) The Christ of Culture, (3) Christ above Culture, (4) Christ and Culture in Paradox, and (5) Christ the Transformer of Culture—come in for review and critique.
Carson looks principally at Niebuhr 's use of Scripture, as it bears on his paradigm. Although Niebuhr 's is "a commendable attempt to ground his configuration in the foundation documents of the Christian faith," his effort "fails in certain respects." Niebuhr 's second option (The Christ of Culture), for example, in the words of Carson, "is certainly found in historical movements" (those obligated to Schleiermacher, F. D. Maurice, or Albrecht Ritschl, the "cultural Christians" of nineteenth century classical theological liberalism), these movements, however, are "of doubtful Christian authenticity and have no warrant in the Bible"; and the fifth (Christ the Transformer of Culture) "is found in restricted forms in the New Testament, but certainly not in the strong form Niebuhr would like to see adopted" (40).
The biggest problem for Carson, however, is how Niebuhr

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