Introduction Dayton, Ohio Has Many Current Food Issues.

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Introduction Dayton, Ohio has many current food issues. An especially large issue is food access. Low income families cannot provide food for their children on a regular basis. According to the USDA Food Access Atlas, Montgomery County has a large issue regarding food access. Much of the county is considered to have low income, the US Census Bureau states that 13.5% of the county’s population lives in poverty, so people are less able to provide themselves with food. Many people also have low access, so accessing food is difficult because in low income areas grocery stores and markets are scarce. The USDA Food Atlas states that 29.56% of the population in Montgomery county have low access to a store, which is 158,183.23 people (USDA Food…show more content…
Obesity harms children, not only in their physical abilities, but their social skills, mental health, school performance, and self-esteem. The kids who don’t have regular food access “are more likely to require hospitalization, may be at higher risk for chronic health conditions, may have poorer physical quality of life that may prevent them from engaging in daily activities with peers, may be at greater risk for behavioral issues and social difficulties (truancy, fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, bullying, etc.)” (Feeding America). Obesity is a much larger issue than it appears in the effects it has on children. The backpack program has limitations. They can only pack stable food that doesn’t need refrigeration since they are put in children’s bags at the end of the day and they aren’t able to know if they have access to refrigeration. It is hard to keep the foods healthy because they have to be stable, which usually means processed. It is also hard to give them produce because it can get banged up and bruised against the cans in the bag. The foods the program provides have to be foods that children will eat which aren’t always the most healthy or nutritious. Kids often want the processed foods with the cute character on

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