Introduction. Defining Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introduction Defining corporate social responsibility or CSR can be as simple as a business that practices benefiting society (Caramela, 2016). Good CSR is one that is constructive to the entire business practices with the community. Sony is a Japanese based electronic store that has ventured to other countries worldwide. They create the newest and latest technology to compete with other competitors and to satisfy their consumer’s curiosity. The company’s mission statement declares, “To be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity” (Sony, 2017). With this said, Sony has a variety of interactions with the community as a whole. At Sony, they have an entire website devoted to keeping up with their good CSR practices with the…show more content…
In each one of the categories, Sony has decreased their intake making the environment of their warehouses safer. Local communities want to see this because many times living next to factories can be hazardous. In a recent study done, many big named businesses were caught doing questionable hazardous environment practices. Metro Detroit, a metal company in Michigan was shut down after failing a health inspection. In the report, it revealed that there was over leaking of hazardous chemicals leaking into the ground. Government officials immediately shut down the plant because they did not want this incident to spread any further (Burns, 2016). This is an example of how warehouses can intoxicate a local community that they are in. Families that live in homes near warehouses can potentially become ill due to the fact that companies are not taking a more green approach. Many times, businesses want to participate in the cheapest, fastest way possible but many times this means not following the ethical route. Sony is a company that stands buy any Green practice. Environmental Practices --- Stakeholder: Advocacy Groups Due to the fact that Sony has a strong compulsion to make the environment cleaner they attract many
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