Introduction. Delivering Of Patient?S Care Is Intertwined

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Delivering of patient?s care is intertwined withcommunicationand person centred care.Understanding that healthcare professionals put patient needs at the centre ofthe whole process of their care. This is achieved by providing patients with the best treatment regarding their illness, give them the choice of treatment, respect their decision making and keep their information confidential (NMC,2010).
Illustratemy understanding on the two principles which I observed on my practical placement in care of the elderly ward in Kent. Hospital and trustname withheld. Consentobtainedand maintained confidentiality regarding patient name and details (NMC,2015).On my chosen principles which isperson centred care and communication. Person
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According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council code of conduct, which states that patient?s confidentiality must be maintained at all times (NMC,2010). I will discuss what I observed inplacement with Mr. P (name withheld) and consent gained. Mr. P was admittedto the care of the elderly ward, diagnosed with increase confusion, CAP and fall. Mr. P is a 70-year-oldmale, was a football coach and had an active lifestyle prior to his illness. He is married with three sons and seven grandchildren. He was a good andloving father to his family according to his wife.
On assessment, his wife stated that he started having difficulties with his mobility, loss of memory and slow eating patterns. He muddled up with cutleries and sometimes would stare at the food without eating it. Alzheimer?s Society UK, has revealed that people living with dementia has dramatically risen and figures set to rise up to 2million by 2060 (Alzheimer?s Society, 2012).
However, Mr. P having signs of dementia which illustrates cluster of symptomssuch as loss of memory, co-ordination, inability to communicate, think or reason (Alzheimer?s Society, 2012). This has resulted to his family being worried and devastated with his conditions. I was opportune to admit the patient on to the ward and witnessed his transition of care. As a nurse, it is vital to find a solution to what the patient needs but work with the patient to find out what they really need.
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