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Introduction ==============Early Life Of Mao Zedong============= Early Life Of Mao Zedong Mao Zedong was born on December 26 1893, into one of the wealthiest farmers in ShaoShan(韶山). His father was an authoritative parent who often used brute force to instill discipline into his children. Mao Zedong was exposed to many different political theories in his early life such as representative democracy, republicanism, Marxism, socialism, classical liberalism. When Mao started Primary School, the text were based on Confucianism, Mao Zedong didn’t agree with this ideology, he thought it was too backwards, he was against some traditional values such as arranged marriage, so when his father ad him married off to Luo Yigu (羅一秀)so he could merge…show more content…
Despite exposure or belief in all these political theories, the one that shaped Mao’s future is Marxism, which was introduced to him by Li Dazhao (李大釗)(the co—founder of the Chinese Communist Party) in 1917 when he was a library assistant at Peking University under Li. In that year, the Bolshevik Revolution took place in Russia and Li was inspired by the ways of Lenin who adopted Marxism, Li brought an understanding if this theory to early communists, Mao joined Li’s study group and "developed rapidly toward Marxism" in 1919. In the end Mao followed his mentor Li dazhao and adopted Marxism as the way to improve China’s conditions. He joined the Communist party as an ordinary worker and with his brilliance rose to Chairman. Rise of CCP A brief history of the Chinese Communist Party, it was established in 1921 by Chen Duxiu (陳獨秀)and Li Dazhao(李大釗), CCP came to rise in power and respect during the Nanjing decade, when the nationalist party took over from the warlord government. The Kuomintang party did indoctrinate a lot of policies to change the shape of china’s future but it was all in futile as more than 5 million people were unemployed in 1935,by 1936 most people were so impoverished and living under the poverty line that they had to sell their own children as slaves in exchange for a few morsels of food or a handful of silver. Ecological problems did not help farmers; soil erosion meant that they could not grow crops. Moreover,

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