Introduction. Education Happens To Be The Panacea For Many

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Introduction Education happens to be the panacea for many of the ills that are plaguing the society and this is more so the case with a developing country, like India. The quality and extent of education that the country has to a great extent determines the progress, prosperity and welfare of a nation. It is perceived to be a powerful instrument which will facilitate bringing about the desired behavioural changes in the social life of any nation. It has also been identified as an essential and important investment for accelerating the pace of development of any society country. The pace and process of development of any country to a great extent is influenced and determined by its disciplined citizens who are properly trained and suitably…show more content…
As a result of the Paramount and the indispensable role played by the teachers in moulding the future of the citizens, the government of India like many other developing countries in the world has been making tireless efforts to surmount the challenges being faced in its efforts to improve the quality of education by improving the diversity of teaching force, quality of teacher training and promoting a stronger and committed participation by the community organisations and local governments. To facilitate the process of educational reform, efforts have been made, research has been undertaken and outcomes are being fed back into the system to understand, study and analyse the changing role of teachers and the changing definitions of teacher effectiveness. With regard to the teacher education, the current focus of researchers, practitioners and policymakers has been on the developing of the professional competencies of the teachers along with enabling most effective ways of achieving the highest levels of motivation, commitment and performance on the part of the teachers. Besides, the current developments involving the new information communication technologies are also providing important possibilities to enhance the teacher effectiveness. As a result of all these factors, education in India is on the cusp of a major transformation (Rajput and Walia, 2010). The teachers have the onerous task cut out to mould the characters of the students that they teach and
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