Introduction. Euthanasia Is A Unique Practice Of Ending

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Introduction Euthanasia is a unique practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal disease/illness or an incurable condition by means of using extraordinary medical treatment or lethal injection (TenHave & Welie, 2014). The word 'euthanasia ' is derived from the Greek - eu, "good", and thanatos, meaning "death (Russell, 1997). However, some think of euthanasia as merely a mercy killing, while others see it as unjustified murder. Euthanasia is portrayed as a controversial topic that seems to have no grey area, simplified as either black or white. It may seem as though factors such as the conscience right of physicians’ conflicts with the autonomy of patients regarding euthanasia when deciding the fate of a patient.…show more content…
The majority of evidence would suggest with existential considerations, such as feeling a burden to others, fear of losing autonomy, and lost sense of dignity, are the primary motivations that move patient’s to-ward seeking death-hastening options (Willson et al, 2007). To further investigate the attitudes of terminally ill individuals regarding the legalization of euthanasia, The Canadian National Palliative Care conducted a study where they interviewed 379 patients who were receiving palliative care for cancer (Wilson et al, 2007). Patients who desired voluntary euthanasia were followed prospectively. The results showed that 238 participants (62.8%) who believed that euthanasia and/or PAS should be legalized, and 151 (39.8%) who would consider making a future request for a physician-hastened death (Wilson et al, 2007). However, only 22 (5.8%) reported that, if legally permissible, they would initiate such a request right away, in their current situations (Wilson et al, 2007). In follow-up interviews with 17 participants, only 2 (11.8%) showed instability in their expressed desire. It is visible from these results, the stem of terminally ill patients’ desire to receive euthanasia or PAS is associated with religious beliefs; functional status; and physical, social, and psychological symptoms and concerns (Wilson et al, 2007). Inadequate attention to autonomy of patients will

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