Introduction. Granting That Wind Energy Has Many Environmental

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Introduction Granting that wind energy has many environmental benefits when compared to fossil energy, there are many arguments that have been exposed by researchers to critically and empirically show the sustainability of each source of energy. While the fossil fuel energy remains as the most used in the production of electricity required to run different industries, sources suggest that effective implementation and management of wind energy infrastructures can reduce the impacts that exist due to the high usage of fossil energy. This paper exposes an argumentative literature review so that to compare and contrast the arguments as seen from the past literature. The arguments exposed by the research will be intended to examine the…show more content…
The author argues that most of the toxic gasses that have been mentioned as harmful to the environment emerge from burning of fossil fuels. The study reveals that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) are the primary gasses that contribute to the unclean environment. On the other hand, the researcher found out that most of the pollution that emerged from wind energy were manageable, for instance, wind turbines that were set in the ocean water bodies were potentially able for causing ship accidents. Unlike the emission of gasses from burning fossil fuels, which were not easily prevented, the risks posed by using the wind energy were manageable making it more sustainable than the fossil energy. The studies conducted over the past 10 years reveal that the need for fossil fuel as an alternative source of energy is on the rise (Machol and Rizk 79-95). The studies revolve around a central idea that the future demands for electricity are probably going to be higher due to the advancements that are brought in by the contemporary century. Sources show that wind energy is the most viable source of energy to provide a solution to the problems emerging from the dominant by fossil fuel in the energy sectors. However, the studies tend to reveal that most countries have continued to use fossil fuels and fewer strategies to harness wind energy. The studies show that the United States was the only country that
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