Introduction. Health Reforms Refer To A Collection Of Measures

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Introduction Health reforms refer to a collection of measures taken by a government in reforming the health care delivery and mainly involve policy formulation. The health care reforms aim at broadening the population size that can be reached by health facilities through either private sector or public sector insurance programs. The reforms also aim at expanding the health care provider array that the general population is exposed to and may choose from. In addition, these reforms make it easy for people to access the various health care specialists. Proper health care reforms guarantees high quality health care services in a given country or among a given population. The implementation of these reforms leads to a decrease in the cost of…show more content…
However, a substantial size of the American population still remains uncovered by the insurance plans. Research indicated that 13.4% of the total American population was not under any form of health insurance policy by 2014. (Blumberg, Nichols & Banthin: 2014.) This leaves a substantial size of the population out of what could be considered as quality health care. Health Care Reform Instability in America Several reforms have been proposed in the American Health care systems. However, majority of these reforms remains unimplemented to date. Despite some a few reforms have been instituted in the sector the trend of reforming the sector still remains largely unstable. Two federal statutes that were enacted in 2010 proposed landmark reforms to the health care system in America. These federal statutes included Health care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 as well as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Blumenthal: 2011). The two Become law in 2010 and gave great hope to the citizens of America that the much needed reforms in the American health care systems had finally begun. These laws that introduced what came to be famously known as the Obama care introduced reforms that were to be implemented in multiple phases. Among other things, this reform law aimed at regulating bad insurance practices by some private insurance firms. Such practices include policy cancellation at the time when sickness is eminent, preexisting condition screening
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