Introduction. Historically Black Colleges And Universities

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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are experiencing low retention rates with first generation college students. The students are not graduating within a four to six year enrollment period, and or are not returning after their freshmen year. As the American workforce looks to colleges and universities to fulfill the workforce pipeline with educated diverse workers, HBCUs are in the spotlight to produce qualified minority graduates. Moreover, HBCU’s are looking to refine their methods of inclusion and buy-in, this will in-turn manifest a higher level of retention amongst first generation college students.

Problem Statement and Evidence from Research
HBCUs serve student populations that include underprepared
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HBCUs were originally created to educate and uplift African Americans to the same levels of success and their other racial counterparts. The institutions were created to afford all African-American students, the same chance and opportunities to reach academic and social success. They were created in times within history, when African Americans could not enroll in traditionally “white” post-secondary institutions. Currently, there are 105 diverse HBCUs (insert source for information). Each institution has distinct missions and rich legacies. They vary in size, enrollment, financial creditability and stability, curriculum and degree programming as well as, operational effectiveness (Hibel, n.d.). HBCUs serve some students who would not normally be accepted into other institutions because of their academic and socio-economic status.
Higher education in America is facing many challenges, i.e., low retention, low graduation rates and less funding. Postsecondary institutions are scrambling to remain a competitive entity within society. In order to do so, students must remain in school (Talbert, 2012). The Office of the White House states (2014), educational attainment is critical to our county’s economic success. In essence, the work force is creating more jobs requiring more education and a higher level of skill than was previously achieved. Individuals with only a high school diploma will not make into the middle class sector because of
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