Introduction:. How Many People Listen To Music? That Is

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Introduction: How many people listen to music? That is a pretty open-ended question considering that in this day in age music exists everywhere. People run into music at the mall, at work, or any public place for that matter, on the radio, in the comfort of their own homes, and etcetera. Music is a part of our society, and it cannot be separated from us. It is used to convey emotion when nothing else can, and it is a great art form and recreational activity. But, how does music affect us in any way relating to our thoughts and actions, or does it do nothing? Negative connotations within music can make people within our society, especially the younger generations, more calloused and more accepting of inappropriate ideas and actions.…show more content…
It would be an even bigger task to ask artists to change the way they write and portray their music. Artists put their heart and soul into their music and asking them to change it will not make them very happy because they would feel like that piece of music was losing a part of their soul. Many people do not think that they, the listeners themselves, are calloused and desensitized to these negative connotations within music. Explicit content within music is also more normalized and people are not questioning the fact that they are okay with this content. They are just accepting it because it has been normalized within our society. Arguments: Music containing sexually explicit content makes people in today’s world more calloused and more accepting of sexually activity. How do lyrics play a role in all of this? Lyrics play a huge role in enabling our society to normalize sex in everyday conversation. Songs with sexually explicit lyrics reinforce the idea that premarital sex is okay among younger generations. Studies show that premarital sex is more accepted by adolescents if they listen to explicit music compared those that do not listen to explicit music (Zhang, 2008). Furthermore, music that contains lyrics with negative connotations can also have a negative effect on society since we are always going to be exposed to music. Music that has lyrics depicting suicide and other harmful implications
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