Introduction . I Have Been Asked To Do An Assessment On

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Introduction I have been asked to do an assessment on a patient that was admitted on my work placement. Throughout my assessment, I will be referring to my patient has Mr X to respect my patients’ rights and privacy. I will be following the legislations of my work placement when doing my care plan which are data protection, health and safety human rights and equality act. Description My client/patient Mr X was admitted to the accident and emergency before been transferred to my station. Mr X was admitted with abdominal pain and loose stools, vascl vagal. Mr X is 66 years old and is still currently waiting on surgery for his gall stones. Mr X is quite independent and is a full-time carer for his wife even though he does have carers…show more content…
Cognitive Offering activities to do like crosswords, puzzles and shop that comes around to be able to buy these. This helps to stimulate their mind Care planning process Personal centred and their beliefs and preferences This is the first assessment where all information is gathered about your patient throughout the assessment this can be done in different ways for example asking the patient and their family question, observations and looking back at nurses it will become detailed by when the nurses will identify with the health problems. The next stage in the process is the type of care required to meet the patients’ needs this would involve asking the patient and checking through the patients notes to see what services and care is required to be able to meet the patient’s needs. With the help of nurses the patient would begin to set goals whether they are long or short and will be documented into the patients care plan so everyone involved is kept up to date. The next process would be to start implementing the care plan by discussing it with the patient and there family so the nurse and the patient can achieve the goals and aims which would include looking at their life style and how they could change it with support and if they would need any encouragement with personal hygiene. During this process, it is important to take the patients’ needs and respect their choices and beliefs while doing your care plan as if it

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