Introduction. I Propose A New Approach To Designing Healthcare

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Introduction I propose a new approach to designing healthcare; a full swing towards primary prevention and promoting respective and open-minded discussion between patients and physicians. Before the proposal of this new system, Alberta was plagued with an unsustainable system with no hope of improvement; unbelievable burdens existed in emergency rooms and hospitals, and Alberta’s health outcomes were not up to par with the amount funding that was being given. Although higher taxation may be the answer to this issue, I take the different approach of attempting to design the system to work more efficiently, and place health back into the hands of citizens through empowerment and respective relationships with healthcare professionals.…show more content…
This method ideally will shift symptom treatment and permit evidence-based diagnosis with the involvement of lifestyle factors. The last feature of telemedicine would be encouraging the use of health helplines. Helplines are knowledgeable resources which aide patients to determine their course of action when faced with a health condition. Moreover, helplines are key to cutting down emergency wait times as helplines can offer alternative advice and recommend the use of other health resources. Patient-centred care is a concept which would alleviate the burden of emergency room trips and promote health lifestyles among citizens. I believe patient-centred care would increase visits to physicians and allow primary prevention to be more efficient. Moreover, patient-centered care would allow a rapport to be built in a respective, open-minded environment and physicians would be better equipped to understand how a patient’s lifestyle guides their choices and determines their risk for contracting diseases. Managing chronic disease, for example obesity/diabetes, heavily relies on guidance and lifestyle changes. In addition, patient-centred care would be aided by telemedicine to increase communication and available health resources. Likewise, along with telemedicine would come a universal database for medical history which would be accessible to all physicians to encourage a more comprehensive look at health and
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