Introduction. In 2014, My Previous School Went Through

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In 2014, my previous school went through a major shift in organizational style, leadership, and student body. The leadership conducted a survey and through this survey it revealed illegal actions by past administration. In alignment with Fullen (2016) stages, the school started working to use different tools to deal with the issues it found from surveying the teachers, parents, and students. The level of issues facing the school promoted panic in how the school had allowed itself to become run down with no way to pull back now the revealed sources of information. The leadership felt that the use of old ways of communication was better that new tools. They conducted personal surveys since they had interpersonal communication
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Within collaboration, human relationships are the key factor in implementing and measuring success. Since almost all information provided is necessary legally, schools must communicate safely across the school to staff as effectively and under controlled fashion. One of the best ways to communicate is to created scaled level communication streams for various levels of staff. Within my current school, we have the use of communication at various levels. The main department for all Special Education Staff members relies on the use of posted Blogs about major policy and procedures in use for the department. Since this is one-way communication, the information is posted by the department and sent out in email to all Special Education Teachers. The educators read the information and can follow up if there are connected emails listed in the blog. This information is posted every week. There is an advantage to blogging at this level in that bust educators cannot always take phone calls or respond to emails when there are heavy duty levels of information to share. Usually, information at this level is shared with teachers not para educators. These educators support the classroom and work with teachers to carry out the work of the classroom. However, they do not need to know the extensive nature of policies and procedures. As a result, communication to certain groups may be limited to faster means of delivery (Friend & Cook, 2007). .
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