Introduction . In Class Earning A Reward Was An Outstanding

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In class earning a reward was an outstanding attachment to a young child because it meant that they were being recognized for completing a task correctly. The article defines rewards as being systemically involved in classroom management programs. However, Kohn presented information stating that rewards aren’t necessary because they could damage relationships and doesn’t address the reason for misbehavior. In order to begin the process certain areas generally need to be altered such as constituting emotional intelligence (see Salovey, Mayer, Goldman, Turvey, & Palfai, 1995) which often requires the involvement of a professional development activity.
School climate
According to Haynes, Emmons & Comer (1994) school climate is
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For example, being a former grade school student I understand that colors are what first grasp the student’s attention when first entering the classroom. If the room is basic, then the students will feel as if they are in a boot camp. However, if the room is full of vibrant life then it will appeal to their nature and might fuel their urge to come to school. This is a form of positive school climate could also assist with developing creativity. Something so simple as the colors in the classroom can make a difference in a student’s motivation. Leadership is another major component that could influence the student’s success. In order to be a successful teacher an individual must take change. If the teacher can’t make control of their classroom, then their students will not be motivated to learn and will run wild. This can hinder the students on many different levels such as them not being promoted to the next grade level or not having access to the knowledge they need if promoted to the next grade level. The components that seem simple can have a major impact on a student’s education. Another major component is parent involvement because when the students aren’t at school they are at home with their parents. As a teacher it will be a major priority to have a strong communication link with the parents to make sure they are aware of their child at
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