Introduction. In Modern Era, Being A Professional Nurse

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Introduction In modern era, being a professional nurse means to provide extraordinary care to each patient through using the traits of advocacy, compassion, communication, responsibility, and respect when treating each patient and interacting with fellow staff members. A professional nurse will use these traits along with critical thinking and interpersonal skills to succeed the expectations to provide their clients with the best care possible.
Nursing Traits There a vast number of traits all nurses should acquire before beginning clinical work, but the five most important are advocacy, compassion, communication, responsibility, and respect. Collectively, these skills provide the outline for a professional nurse to provide compassionate
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Nurses do this continuously when caring for clients since nurses can understand the pain the patient is currently undergoing. Compassion is an essential component of nursing because nurses need to relate to their clients’ pain and understand the obstacles the patient may be dealing with. Although the nurse may not have actually went through the pain their client has, a nurse using compassion can have empathy for each client. Another important factor of compassion is that the nurse might be the client’s only support during their treatment and need to talk to patients compassionately so the patient knows the nurse is willing to be a shoulder for the client to trust. While attending Hartwick College, student nurses will use the act of compassion almost everyday by taking a piece of each student’s problems and helping each other realize that they can balance all of the endless work assigned. In the clinical setting, many student nurses demonstrate compassion by listening to the client’s complaints and helping the client make reachable goals each day.
Many respected nurses agree to the statement that communication is the most important and effective trait of a nurse (Taylor, 2015, p. 447). This is true because communication is both a verbal and nonverbal mode of transmission that benefits every patient. It is essential that nurses develop amazing communication skills because these skills will help the client feel more comfortable in the hospital
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