Introduction. In Norway, The Judge Will Determine Whether

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In Norway, the judge will determine whether or not the inmate in mentally capable to serve a preventative sentence if not, the inmate is sentenced to indefinite psychiatric treatment. Inmates who are sentenced to life in prison will often have several mental evaluations over a period of time to determine if the sentence should be continued. Mental issues Norwegian prison systems run by a goal of reintegration. Through the progression of the sentence, the institution and personnel work to bettering the inmate with structure through financial and structural resources. Many of these disorders are unipolar depressive disorders. Unipolar depressive disorders would consist of schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and bipolar
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The fourth sentence offering makes it possible to be released on license after having served two-thirds of the sentence and a minimum of 74 days. One will need to report to the probation office at regular times, refrain from the use of alcohol and comply with to any other specific conditions that have been imposed. Lastly, the prisoner himself will have to apply for the various forms of serving a sentence. The correctional services can then grant or deny the application based on specified arguments. (Kriminalomsorgen, n.d.)
Affected Population
The total prison population is 3,874 inmates, meaning 74 per 100,000 people in Norway is incarcerated. 25% of inmates will commit a new crime and return to prison after release. 6% of inmates in the Norwegian prisons are women and less than 1% are juveniles. 34% of prison inmates in Norway are foreign. There are 54 prisons in Norway, with the capacity to hold 4,097 inmates (Norway, n.d.). These inmates are often within the same age range.
Key Risk Factors
The main source of stress leading to mental disorders in inmates is the lack of coping measures. There is limited access to exercise and physical access. Inmates follow a strict schedule, giving them the feeling of loss of rights and freedom. The loss of freedom can lead to increased drug use, self-harm, and suicide among the inmate population (Buckaloo, 2009). The enclosed rooms and lack of social interaction could
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