Introduction. In Project Management Several Models Exist

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Introduction In project management several models exist which suggest the measurement of success of the project but still an accurate completed model has yet to be created for a successful project from start to finish. Until a perfect model is developed then Agile model is more favorable to use because it delivers a more accurate timeline of deliverables and customer satisfaction. Agile is most commonly used by information technology gurus to assist in developing software today, but before Agile they had to depend on heftier models like Waterfall or Spiral. The methods were criticized for being too regulated and unable to adjust to changes, which caused projects to be delayed and money to be lost. In fact “The Department of Defense noted…show more content…
For examples the programmers write the code and the quality assurance test, and that is their only job. In Agile, because the team delivers working product, the lines between what team members do get blurred. (Rasmussen 27) Team members will have to take on more responsibilities and may cross into other members’ areas of expertise to help get the product working during each iteration. In Agile there are not as many roles and less of a hierarchy; this is so the team members can check their ego at the door and work together to complete the project. To do this the Agile manager needs to find individuals who are highly motivated and take pride in their project. He must also empower and trust his team so they can make decisions as the iteration progresses toward the finish. Once empowered, the team must be accountable for the work they put into the project. (Rasmussen 27) Working with Agile makes it easy for team members to remain accountable for the work they put into the project. Working with Agile makes it easy for team members to remain accountable because of working software being shown repeatedly. Software that does not work shows that the team has failed. Close communication among all members of the team so everyone is working toward the same goal is essential. This is much easier if the team is located in one place and can work through problems face-to-face. Since many companies have gone global, there are many different kinds of software and
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