Introduction: . In The Community Of The City Of Tempe,

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Introduction: In the community of the city of Tempe, Arizona zip code, 85282, resources for pregnant women are limited. Pregnancy is an amazing, high demand process that the human body goes through. During pregnancy the demands on a woman’s body are increased as the body’s nutrient needs are increased. With the higher health demands it is essential that health care clinics are available to help with progression of the pregnancy. Adolescents face higher demands from a pregnancy. During adolescence the body is still growing and maturing, adding a pregnancy only makes the demands on the body much higher. Due to the high demands on the body, adolescents are further susceptible to complications during pregnancy. An issue that is already a…show more content…
The World Health Organization stated that anemia affects 20-80% of pregnant women making it one of the most common problems during pregnancy (2). A prospective cohort study looked at a group of adult pregnant women and compared them to adolescent pregnant women to see if anemia developed. Teens are more susceptible to anemia because their bodies are going through a phase of rapid growth while the fetus is concurrently fighting for the same nutrients and minerals (2). The study took blood samples from four different stages of the participants’ pregnancy and documented the participant’s hemoglobin levels. The study observed a slight prevalence in lower hemoglobin levels in adolescent pregnancies compared to adult women pregnancies (2). The high development of anemia is concerning. The study also looks into possible causes as to why pregnant teens are more vulnerable to developing anemia. The study suggests that contributing factors are an adolescent’s low social-economic status as compared to adult women (2). Adolescences may not have the money and resources to afford to eat iron-rich foods consistently, a problem communities need to address in order to improve the quality of adolescent pregnancies.
Nutritional status of an adolescent plays a role in the development of anemia during pregnancy. A systematic review published by Bio-Med Central analyzes the nutritional status of adolescent pregnant women. The review stated several areas of concern in
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