Introduction. In This Paper, I Will Cover My Field Experience

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Introduction In this paper, I will cover my field experience and what I observed in the classroom. It will go in depth about different philosophies and ideas used in the classroom, and also focus on the motivation and classroom management within the classroom. In the end, I will conclude with my opinion on the positives and negatives from the class, and how I would run my class differently from the educator I observed. Prince Avenue Christian School For my twenty hours of field experience, I observed at a small private school located in Oconee County (Bogart, Georgia) called Prince Avenue Christian School. Prince Avenue originally opened in Athens, Georgia in 1978, but would move to Bogart in 2007 due to the growth of the school and…show more content…
Dillard. For the most part, I was able to watch and observe her class, and see her teaching philosophy within the class. I was able to gather a lot of information and learn more than I expected coming into her classroom. The main ideas were different ways of motivation and classroom management. After being in Mrs. Dillard 's classes for a week, I realized each course had a little different layout for the class. After realizing the differences, I asked Mrs. Dillard, "Why is each class layout different?" She replied, " I believe every class is different, and that I, as the teacher, need to conform to their learning style rather than them conform to my teaching style." Once she answered my question, I felt more enlightened about teaching. Always being a student, I have viewed learning from one perspective only, but now I am beginning to see different learning styles and formats from being an education major. In the six classes Mrs. Dillard teaches, she used two tools to teach her students: interactive notebook and PowerPoint. For the mathematically inclined classes (7th: Pre-Algebra; 8th: Algebra I), Mrs. Dillard taught using PowerPoint’s. The students in these classes are advance in their knowledge of mathematics, and understand greater complex ideas and concepts (in math) than their fellow students. Since this class is the highest course, they used the tool PowerPoint. PowerPoint included direct instruction, independent practice,

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