Introduction:. Insanity Defense Is The Most Debated Of

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Introduction: Insanity defense is the most debated of all criminal defense approaches because it is tough to define when used to excuse criminal responsibilities. Some judges advise the jurors about criminal’s insanity and not being able to distinguish right from wrong when committing murder, yet it is up to the jury to decide if criminal should stand trial. In the late 1990’s court saw psychiatrist as another group of testimonial for jury consideration. But attorney’s claimed psychiatrist could not forecast that offender would not commit future crimes, therefore the offender would be a threat to society and must stand trial. Pleading not guilty by reason of insanity when face on trial may work for some criminals, but it does not work…show more content…
Parker Jr. on a prison bus in February 2005, long violent history and the judge, Emory A. Plitt Jr., originally decided in June of 2008 that Johns was not criminally responsible for his actions”, which meant that John is not responsible for the criminal charges. This case gave criminal hope to avoid prison by pleading insanity or not criminally responsible. According to forensic psychiatrist’s insanity plea is successful in one out of 400 attempts. According to the “Psychopathy” article “psychopathy is a mental disorder marked by affective, interpersonal and behavioral abnormalities”. Meaning people who are psychopathy show the “incapacity for empathy, guilt, and chronic violation of social, moral and legal norms”. One of the main questions about someone who is psychopathy has been if they are morally and legally responsible for their criminal actions. I feel that they should be criminally responsible for their actions and their mental status should not play role on their ruling if they are found guilty or not. I agree with The American Psychiatric Association when they write “is the job of the judge or jury [not psychiatrists] to determine criminal responsibility”. Psychopath are not likely to be incompetent to stand trial because they are not sure they have done anything wrong. Although others argue that psychopaths are in touch with reality and are aware of their doings because they have the ability to fee pain and that pain will have
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