Introduction Into American Politics : An Understanding And Insight On Political Reform

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Stephen Kress Professor Messmer Introduction into American Politics 30 November 2015 Political Reform After reading and researching through the websites provided I was able to gain more of an understanding and insight on political reform. When you hear the word “reform” we think of possibly, improvement, or of an amendment of what is mistaken, corrupt, and even potentially unacceptable. We want to improve the laws and agreement with prospects of the public. Throughout my research of political reform, I came across an article that is called, “No Labels Begins Its Journey”. This began in 2010. This article was rather interesting to me as a reader because of how we are trying to fix our nation, and that is exactly what we need to do. No Labels was a way of conducting our nation’s hindrance with the Beltway’s idea of business and a productive effort to change the way our country is doing things. This article wanted to focus on goals that are problem solving for our country as a whole. “No labels was the first organization to call on our leaders to come together to focus on fixing America’s most pressing problems”. I liked that in this article D.C. was accepting different viewpoints from different people of different ethnicities, religion, liberals and conservatives. “No labels” was in fact something for people to share their thoughts of America’s strengths and their weaknesses. Moving into the upcoming years this article shows how our country was progressing. And problems
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