Introduction. It Is Almost Impossible To Go Through A Day

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Introduction It is almost impossible to go through a day without listening to some kind of music, whether it’s at work or in public music is all around us. In the short time music listening has been around it has changed so much. We have gone from purchasing records to paying for a subscription that supplies with all our music needs in volumes we have never been able to do before. The evolution of music listening has shown the most change just within the past 15 years or so. Millennials grew up with CD players, iPods, smartphones, and music purchasing sites like Napster and Itunes. The newest trend in music listening are sites like Pandora and Spotify who let you listen to a mix of music depending on your likes and won’t play songs based…show more content…
We will explore the software that has contributed to Spotify’s success, what sets them apart from other streaming services, and how they will be able to keep growing in the future. In 2014, Spotify acquired a software called Echo Nest, which specializes in analyzing artists, music sites, and different artists. This software finds new music for Spotify to use in its playlists that keeps listeners interested and engaged. The picture displaying multiple genres of music is representative of how the software works and how it analyzes different data to introduce and create new music and playlists. Overview In order for Spotify and other music streaming services to provide its users with all they desire and more, the gathering, analysis, and application of data and metrics is critical. In this industry, the music provider must stay on top of listener trends in order to accommodate the listener’s preferences. The metrics used by the music industry have drastically shifted in the last 10 years. With the availability of streaming services, album and record sales have plummeted. They have been replaced by streams. It used to be commonplace for a popular album to sell millions of copies. In today’s world, even the best-selling albums have trouble breaking 1 million copies sold. One of the more
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