Introduction. It Would Be Rare To Find An Organization

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It would be rare to find an organization that has not implemented some form of network security. The security of an organization 's primary resources such as data and the information is one of the aspects included in the concept of protecting and securing the network. This paper will provide an evaluation of the concept of network security within the corporate setting along with the explanation of the requirements that would be necessary to adequately respond to any threat to include a planned attack, natural disaster, or accidental equipment failure. This paper will provide an evaluation of how a thoroughly designed security response plan will enhance the overall security system for a corporation. Also included in this paper
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Kurisu, (2016) Stated that securing the infrastructure is essential and it includes being able to allow the things that are supposed to happen and preventing those that are not. Hence, the network infrastructure includes software and hardware and may also include the off-site capability of cloud computing. Therefore, network security involves the process of implementing preventative measures that would protect an organization against any adverse activity involving its network infrastructure and these components. Kurisu, (2016) Also stated that the protection if data is both a hardware and a software issue (Kurisu, (2016)). Kurisu, (2016) States that several of the most secure techniques are found in devices that maximize the correct security-enabled hardware (Kurisu, (2016)). Security officers and administrators are being tasked to implement the necessary controls which would protect and secure the organization 's network environments and platforms. These security measures and controls should address each aspect of the network infrastructure, including the combined resources of hardware and software within an entire network that enables network connectivity. The pertinent aspects are communication, operations, and management of an enterprise network. It has become an increased challenge for the security officers and administrators to ensure that these components of
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