Introduction: . Leadership Shapes History. Good Leadership

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Leadership shapes history. Good leadership is about getting good results in all respects. Leadership qualities of managers shape up the future of any certain organization. In this report we will be discussing about leadership qualities of Carlos Ghosn. Carlos Ghosn is a well-known personality in the business world especially in car manufacturing businesses.
Personal and Leadership Background of Carlos Ghosn:
Carlos Ghosn was born in Brazil in 1954 to French and Brazilian parents, both of Lebanese heritage. Carlos Ghosn received his university education in Paris. Following graduation at age 24. Right from the start Ghosn joined the French firm, Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin. After a few years of rapid
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It was expected from him to change the fortune of Nissan as it was not doing well in those days. He had already turned the fortune of Michelin before. It was forth client he was working for. He spoke 5 languages that demonstrate his capacity for leadership globally.

Nissan Project:
Nissan had been undergoing losses for last 7 years when Ghosn took over Nissan as COO in 1999(Millikin and Fu, 2005). He was the first non-Japanese Chief Operating Officer for Nissan. The anticipation was a big cultural clash for this project as Ghosn came from French Leadership style to Japanese culture. Business analysts anticipated that this can be a big difference to the Japanese employees. It was a worst possible time for any leader because of Nissan’s financial and business position. The situation was very critical as the continuing financial losses were resulting in debts that were approximately around 22 billion Dollars. This had resulted in shaking of confidence for Nissan suppliers as well as financers. Company was producing 43 models of vehicles and only 4 of them were producing profits. The portfolio of Nissan brand was weakening in the minds of consumers due to its current state. There was little liquid capital for new product development and nobody was anticipating that Nissan could increase their margins and overcome the losses. Nissan’s Models were old and it was creating loss of interest in Nissan brand in the minds of consumers.
It was a great
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