Introduction. Major Depressive Disorder (Mdd) Is A Very

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Introduction Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a very common diagnosis in the mental health field. It is important that clinicians understand MDD thoroughly as it is such a common diagnosis. Many clinicians will be faced with working with clients with a diagnosis of MDD at some point in their careers so it is important to review the criterion and study the diagnosis. Major Depression Disorder requires a distinct change in mood usually a transition into feelings of sadness and hopelessness. This is usually accompanied by several symptoms such as sleep disturbances, irritability, suicidal thoughts, physiological changes amongst other symptoms that will be later discussed in this paper. The presenting symptoms must last at least 2 weeks…show more content…
Thoughts of death or suicidal ideation are common for those with an MDD diagnosis. This is also a very alarming symptom as unfortunately some people follow through. The thoughts may vary depending on the intensity of the depression the individual may be experiencing. Some people experience these thoughts severely enough that they get their affairs in order, choose time/location, gather the necessary materials to carry out their suicide plan such as pills, guns etc. Diminished ability to think or concentrate. Individual with an MDD diagnosis often report an impairment in concentration and ability to focus. Some appear to be easily distracted and report to have trouble remembering things. The lack of focus may cause occupational, educational and problems in social relationships. Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt. Those experiencing MDD often have unrealistic and negative perceptions of self worth. They may feel that they are underserving of the good things in their lives. He/she may experience intense guilt over past or present events. Some the guilt may be as intense as to become a delusion such blaming oneself for global warming. Fatigue/loss of energy. The smallest task can
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