Introduction . Many Factors Contribute To The Downfall

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Introduction Many factors contribute to the downfall of the ecosystem. As studies show there has been many changes made to the ecosystem of the years. While looking at the great scheme of things, the changes have been negative and steadily declining with time. Among those factors, over-population would be one of the greatest contributors. The growth of the human population has continuously been on the rise. It has been predicted that it will increase even more throughout the years going from 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion (Gerland, et al. 2014). As the numbers of the human population increase the ecosystem is steadily declining because of the large demands of food and biofuels (Laurance, et al. 2014). Agriculture is best known as a…show more content…
Agriculture expansion has increased quicker than the environment can keep up within the last 50 years (Laurance, et al. 2014). Agriculture affects the ecosystem in many ways such as the loss of landscape, the increase in size of farms and field and an increase in the amount of fertilizer and pesticides being used (Geiger, et al. 2010). Agriculture increases the level of carbon dioxide, ultimately becoming a top source of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore when land is used for agriculture, it destroys plant life in return leading to the circulation of more carbon dioxide within the air (Rodriguez, et al. 2004). This process is known as deforestation, which is the clearing of forest which causes the rate at which organic carbon is released from the soil. Breeding animals is also causing a ripple effect within the ecosystem. These animals droppings contain different pathogens that once become integrated within the soil and water systems can cause damage to land that cannot be reversed nor treated to reduce the affects it has on each element (Rodriguez, et al. 2004). Not only does agriculture affects the soil and air within the environment, it also takes a huge toll on the water system. In the practice of agriculture, fertilizers causes many of the same complications. Fertilizers are composed of a group of nitrogen and phosphates, which are factors in the contamination of air and water quality and its major uses catalyze
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