Introduction. Midlife Represents The Period Where One Is

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Introduction Midlife represents the period where one is between his 30s to 40s, halfway through one’s average life span. This is also the period where an individual faces the psychosocial conflict involving having the ability to produce something which outlives the individual as well as to care about the benefits of the future generation. These activities include being a parent, mentor as well as a role model to their off springs. Midlife crisis is the transition period between 40 to 45 years of age, where one faces questions about his life achievements and bring up unresolved issues such as what he has come across and where he is heading. The crisis can involve changes in personality in response to life events such as divorce,…show more content…
Studies have also shown that those who have not been working in midlife, are associated with less positive economic outcomes than those women who have clocked more than 1,000 hours of work per year in midlife (McNamara, 2007). As such, it emphasizes the importance of work being done during midlife and how one’s choice will provide for one’s future retirement plans. Health related issues One form of crisis one faces during midlife will be age related illness and weakening of both cognitive and physical functions. As adults aged, they also face more types of problems which they may not have face during their young adulthood. These includes memory related illness such as Alzheimer’s Disease, wear and tear of bone joints, weakening of eyesight including cataract and loss of bladder control (“8 Areas of Age-Related Change”, 2007). Other than physical illness, one’s fertility be it male or female also decline as one ages (Freedman, 1989). Every year which passes relates an individual closer to the end of life expectancy. Thus, the individual will become more expensive to insure. Insurance premium rates increases every year by 5-8% when the individual is in his 40s and 9-12% each year when the individual is in his 50s (Roberts-Grey, 2016). All these points towards the inevitable midlife problems or symptoms everyone will be facing as they reach their midlife. However, not everyone will have similar problems at the same period of their lives. These

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