Introduction Of A Small Medium Sized Enterprise ( Sme )

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Available Sources For SMEs
It is well known that the economic base decides the superstructure. As an essential part of economy which contributes to the growth of industry as well as creates jobs for citizens, small to medium sized enterprise(SME) plays an irreplaceable role in both developed and developing countries(Angela,2011). Although SME has its own important value, not every enterprise can improve its business and be profitable. There is a need for SME to develop a funding strategy based on the somehow macroeconomic environment. It is necessary for SME to be down to earth to improve the business conditions so that SME will gain the needed capital to realize business expansion by winning the trust of creditors or investors. However, when formulating the strategy, SME failed to attract the needed fund result in technology will not be introduced into the enterprise because internal conditions have not reached a certain standard. In this essay, the difficulty in raising finance for SMEs will be discussed and what type of supportive sources will be available for SME to put the capital and technology into use and manage.

1. Situation of SME
Klonowski (2009) summarizes four reasons to support SMEs. First, every 6 out of 10 new jobs are provided by SME sector. Second, SMEs are promoting the transition from traditional industries to high-technology sector actively. Third, SMEs are competitive at the cutting-edge of developing innovations. Last, significant
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