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INTRODUCTION OF BUILD A BEAR There is a personal interest in this company as they just recently ended their contract with Busch Stadium, which is my place of employment. Build-a-Bear was able to negotiate a year by year agreement and a possible sponsorship with the St. Louis Cardinals, LLC for the future and this is what sparked my interest in the company their financial security. Build-a-Bear was a company that was inspired by a need to find the unfindable. Maxine Clark saw the need to develop a shop that catered to a need that both children and adults can combine crafting and the love for stuffed animals. “One 10 year old girl was the inspiration for this entire company! Think of the difference you can make!” (BAB) HISTORY…show more content…
In 2016 their contract ended and were about to be completely eliminated from the Stadium until they negotiated a portable retail site in a different location of the Stadium. The Build-a-Bear company utilizing and revamping a shipping container that is self-contained. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Upon a quick review of Build-a-Bear’s 2015 year, there has been a significant increase over the previous year 2014. Balance Sheet: Assets, such as Cash and Cash equivalents are up over last year by $20.72 million dollars, whereas Short Term Investments where 0 at the end of 2013 they were slightly up to $1.12 by January 3, 2015. Other Assets shows a drop of $8.26 million dollars, mostly in Property, Plant and Equipment. Based on the 10-K report the balance sheet was in the thousands other web based financial reporting sites show the numbers to be in the millions. Upon further review of the Balance Sheet from the financial website “Watch” the break down in Property, Plant and Equipment shows the biggest difference in the Accumulated Depreciation. (Market Watch) The Vertical Ratio for 2014 Total Current Assets is 3% of the Total Assets and in 2013 was also 3%. The Horizontal Ratio for Total Asset were 37% reflecting a change from 2014 at $212.05 and 2013 $195.61 signaling a significant increase in 2014. The 2015 financial were not completed at the time of this report but the
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