Introduction Of Cancer And Pancreatic Cancer

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I. Introduction of Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer The human body is composed of trillions of living cells. Normal body cells develop, split to make new cells, and perish in a systematized manner. During the course of a human’s primary years, they are still developing and normal cells divide more rapidly. When a child grows into an adult, majority of cells divide for the sole purpose of replacing exhausted, impaired, or dying cells. Cancer originates in cells that are part of the body that starts to grow out of control (Lockhart, Rothenberg, & Berlin 2005). There are various types of cancer, and they all develop in the body due to the exponential growth of abnormal cells. Cancer cell growth differs from normal cell growth. As an alternative of dying, cancer cells continue to grow and create new cancer cells. In a lot of cases, the cancer cells form a tumor. Cancer cells can furthermore develop into other tissues by invading, which normal cells cannot do (Lockhart et al. 2005). This is how Cancer explores to other parts of the body such as the pancreas which what I will be focusing on in this paper. The pancreas is an organ deep in the body, behind the abdominal. It is formed similar to a fish. The pancreas fully develops to two inches wide and six inches long in adults (Lockhart et al. 2005). It fits along the abdomen. The pancreas has two different types of glands. The exocrine glands make pancreatic fluid - the fluid flows into the intestines. The fluid contains enzymes
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