Introduction Of Cloud Storage System

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Cloud storage system is a service model in which data are managed , maintained, and backuped remotely on the cloud side, and simultaneously keeps data available to the users over a network. Mobile Cloud Storage (MCS) [1], [2] represents a family of increasingly popular on-line services, and even is used as primary file storage for the mobile devices [3]. MCS helps the mobile device users to store and retrieve files or data on the cloud through wireless communication, which improves the data availability and facilitates the file sharing process without drawing off the local mobile device resources [4].
The data privacy issue is a main concern in cloud storage system, so the sensitive data is encrypted by the owner before outsourcing onto the cloud, and data users retrieve the interested data by encrypted search scheme. In MCS, the modern mobile devices are encountering with many of the security threats as PCs, and various traditional data encryption methods are imported in MCS [5], [6]. However, mobile cloud storage system incurs new challenges over the traditional encrypted search schemes, in consideration of the limited computing and battery capacities of mobile device, as well as data sharing and accessing approaches through wireless communication. Therefore, a suitable and efficient encrypted search scheme is mandatory for MCS. Generally speaking, the mobile cloud storage is in great need of the bandwidth and energy efficiency for data…
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