Introduction Of Drugs And Alcohol Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol 2 Overview 2 I. Workplace Factors 3 II. Workplace Performance & Behavior 4 III. Workplace Role 5 RECOMMENDATION 6 Workplace Policies and Drug Testing 7 Policy and Regulations on Alcohol and drug abuse 7 Employee Education/Health Promotion 8 Works Cited 9 Employer’s Guide for a Drug-free Workplace Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol In order to understand drug and alcohol use, it is important to be clear about what we mean by the terms ‘drugs’ and ‘alcohol. Alcohol is a legal, sedative drug, which changes the way we think, feel and do. It can make you more relaxed or it can take away your judgment. For most countries, like Canada, it is legal for adults over 18 years to buy and drink. There are many different types of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin etc.). Drugs are chemicals which, when taken into our bodies, alters normal bodily function, resulting any psychological and behavioral change. Some drugs are legal, such as caffeine, tobacco/nicotine and alcohol. Other drugs like cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin are illegal. Legal drugs also include medicines that are available over the counter at a chemist or prescribed by a doctor. A person can misuse these drugs by taking them in a way, which they are not supposed to be used or in amounts not prescribed by their doctor. Overview Alcohol and drug problems (sometimes also called substance abuse or misuse) are common in a
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