Introduction Of Finolex Cables Limited

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Finolex Cables Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘Finolex’ or ‘the Company’) started as a retail store selling electrical cables by two brothers P.P Chhabria and K. P Chabbria in July 1945 soon turned into a manufacturing unit of cables after receiving a sizeable order from the Defence Department in mid 1950’s for wire harnesses for trucks and tanks.
Starting from a small industrial unit in 1956, they at first manufactured PVC insulated cables for the automobile industry. Finolex brand was born from "Fine" & "Flexibles" and "O" with an electric arc across it - signifying the electrical cable business the company was in. The company saw its own share of difficult times however with its persistent efforts and never give up attitude, the company in 1972 turned into a limited company.
In July 1983, Finolex embarked on a continuous process of expansion and modernization, which enabled it to become the most diversified & largest cable manufacturer in the country.
In 1981, Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) was established. The company was primarily established to manufacture Rigid PVC Pipes and Fittings at Pune, which were majorly used in the agriculture sector.
The early nineties saw the Finolex Group expanding into new business domains to manufacture Optic Fibre Cables and Copper Rods.

There are 4 group companies in the current structure. Following is a brief on all the companies as to what they do and what businesses they are into.
I. Finolex
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