Introduction Of Human Resource Management

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Introduction of Human Resource Management

Escape to the Wild

Assessment 2 - Human Resource Management: An Introduction
Stephen Ward


At present there is currently no Human Resource Management department within the company of Escape to the Wild. This report will outline recommendations for the HRM functions which should be addressed and implemented along with the additional staff resources which should be recruited.

Functions to be carried out by HRM department

Human Resource Planning and Research In order for the company to continue to grow, the HR planning function will provide advice enabling the Senior Management Team to make the correct decisions in relation to the
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A job description details the work duties and activities of employees. Job descriptions are a vital source of information to employees, managers, and HRM staff. Through the use of the job description, HRM staff can then determine how much employees should be paid for each position within the company. Compensation and benefits play a huge part in the recruitment and selection of employees as potential employees are generally attracted to organisations offering better compensation (pay) and benefits in exchange for work being carried out. These benefits might include flexible working hours, childcare and healthcare.

Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment is the function which will advertise positions in order to attract qualified applicants to fill job vacancies or future posts within the company.

In the selection function, the most qualified applicants are selected for hiring from among those attracted to the organisation by the recruiting function.

HRM staff will put in place policies and procedures which will enable managers to decide on the most suitable candidate to select.

Staff Induction
Induction will provide the first steps toward helping a new employee adjust themselves to the new job and the company. It is a method to acquaint new employees with particular aspects of their new job, including pay and benefit programmes, working hours, and company rules and expectations.

Training and Development
The training and
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