Introduction Of Lenovo . Lenovo Is A Multinational Company

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Introduction of Lenovo Lenovo is a multinational company that began its operations as a small company, New Technology Developer, Inc. The company became well known for the Legend Chinese character card which assisted consumers in translating non-Chinese operating systems into the standard Chinese language. The portfolio expanded in the 1990s with direct competitors such as Dell commanding 17.9% of the market share. Hewlett Packard and IBM followed close behind; however, none of the companies mastered the personal computing (PC) business model until the early 2000s. NTD was renamed and rebranded under a new company name, Legend in the Chinese market. There was relative doubt about the success of entering an international market as Legend…show more content…
Lenovo had a limited footprint outside of the Asian market. Due to this, management was tasked with creating an international brand from scratch without altering the IBM brand. Also acquiring the Personal Systems Division of IBM was another obstacle. The deal had a specific set of rules which allowed Lenovo “the right to use IBM on its products for up to five years.” This transaction was key in managing strategies to leverage new entry into the global market. With the introduction of multiple products, Lenovo successfully created two client bases one for power users through IBM’s celebrated ThinkPad and one for desktop user in China’s domestic territories. This synergy proved to be mediocre as many people still thought of the ThinkPad separate and apart from Lenovo. Lenovo was faced with its merger with IBM the cultural and operational clash. Between IBM and Lenovo, globally Lenovo sales were mostly in China and IBM had a strong customer base around the world with little footprint in China. Many changes within the organization internally were made. English became the company’s language and conference calls were scheduled in the early morning or late at night due to 12-hour difference between Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing and IBM’s in the US. Executives worked around the clock when making business decisions to implement a successful merger.
III. Alternatives and Evaluations Lenovo had different alternatives to approach the

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