Introduction Of Policy / Clinical Setting

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Introduction of Policy/Clinical Setting:

Labor and delivery is a critical change, marking a beginning and end for mother, baby and family. It requires a significant amount of physiological and emotional coping mechanisms. Nursing care is needed regardless of the amount of child birth preparation or the number of times a woman has been through the experience. Nursing care focuses on assessment and support of a woman throughout labor and birth with the goal of ensuring the best possible outcome for everyone involved. The need for nursing care is emphasized by the policy published by the University of Connecticut Health Center, which was last revised in December 2011, addressing the protocols for nursing care of the laboring patient in labor and delivery. This policy outlines the etiquettes of patient assessment, patient teaching and patient care. Assessment begins with the first initial contact of a woman. The manner in which the nurse communicates with a patient can set the tone for a positive birth experience. Vital signs, pain, uterine activity, urinary output, and fetal heart are assessed as well as coping mechanisms, support network and discharge planning needs. Assessing the patient is pertinent for nurses to individualize the care given to a woman during labor. Patient teaching includes proving patient with breathing and relaxation exercises, reviewing a pain scale, and discussing analgesics for pain relief. Finally, patient care involves providing…
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