Introduction Of Solar Wheel Chair

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CHEPTER: 1 INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT 1.1 INTRODUCTION OF SOLAR WHEEL CHAIR:- Our problem definition is solar wheelchair controlled by remote control. A solar-powered wheelchair designed. To create a solar powered wheelchair with retractable panels for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, or cerebral palsy. This project created a prototype design of a solar powered wheelchair with retractable panels inspired by the idea from a man with cerebral palsy from Turkey. They built a structured frame around the base of the wheelchair to hold the solar panels. Fig. 1.1 Wheel chair The solar-powered wheelchair can run continuously powered only by the sun .Using strong and light materials and custom-fabricated solar panels, the wheelchair can operate for over four hours at a high speed of fully charged battery, a performance improvement of more than 40 percent over batteries. The panels can harvest solar energy even on cloudy days. On sunny days, it serves a dual purpose. The solar powered tool with robotic arm aims to operate the robot by solar energy for complete energy utilization. There are two basic types of wheelchairs: Manual and Powered Wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are designed to transport a sick, injured or a disabled person from one place to another, e.g.: in hospitals. A Powered wheelchair uses a motor attached to the wheelchair. The solar panels were attached to a convertible-like structure which rotates back behind the

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